U.S. Made Microwave Missile and Long-Range Solar Aircraft

U.S. Made Microwave Missile and Long-Range Solar Aircraft

How to fight in the future war? What is the future of weapons? US media announced on the 26th two successive new weapons: Microwave missiles and long-time solar-powered aircraft seem to indicate direction. Previously, the United States has developed a variety of new weapons that emphasize counter-terrorism and counter-guerrilla warfare. Now the US military has finally emerged from the shadow of the war on terror and has refocused its target on the next great war.

Modern warfare is almost inseparable from electronic devices. Whoever can effectively destroy and interfere with the enemy’s electronic devices can master the battlefield initiative. On September 26, the US Fox News revealed a microwave missile capable of destroying enemy electronic equipment. The report said that at present, the opponent’s electronic equipment should be disabled, either using electronic interference with aircraft or using electromagnetic pulses generated by a nuclear explosion. However, in the future, only one rocket can be launched. This is the “Microwave Missile” developed by the US Air Force. . Boeing and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory recently opened the first test of the "Anti-Electronic Devices High Energy Microwave Advanced Missile Project" (CHAMP). It has been alleged that microwave weapons use high-power microwaves to induce electrical currents and thermal effects inside the electronic components to degrade or even destroy the performance of electronic devices. The report emphasized that the use of microwave missiles to disable the command of an opponent is much more efficient than using bombs and missiles to indiscriminate bombing. It is safer than destroying enemy electronic systems with electromagnetic pulses generated by nuclear explosions.

The report stated that in the first flight test, this missile demonstrated its ability to target multiple targets and places. The trials that will be conducted later this year will test its lethality: the use of high-energy microwave warheads "burns" the enemy's most advanced air defense, command and control centers, and fighter aircraft and drones' electronic systems. Keith Coleman, Boeing's project director, said: "This experiment will integrate the Air Force Research Laboratory's directed energy technology with Boeing's missile design. The development of a new non-lethal but very efficient weapon system will be completed. An important step."

The US "Space Warfare" website stated on the 26th that in this test, the CHAMP missile aimed at multiple virtual opponents, proving that the missile can deal with multiple targets at the same time. The report also stressed that CHAMP missiles can minimize or even completely eliminate collateral damage and prevent public opinion criticism resulting from accidental injury. The US Fox News Network stated that unlike the large number of new weapons developed by the US military before, the microwave missiles under development are not aimed at the ongoing war on terror, because only the Afghan armed forces of the simple weapons do not have any decent electronic equipment. However, in a similar air strike against Libya, microwave missiles can play a large role in suppressing the air defenses of opponents. According to the report, these missiles can also attack the drones or manned aircraft on the ground, directly destroying the circuit on the aircraft and causing it to lose combat effectiveness. In the future, it may not even rule out the possibility of using microwave missiles to deal with air targets. Some analysts believe that there are more and more electronic devices in the new generation of fighter planes, especially the vigorous development of drones is totally dependent on electronic devices for command and control. If microwave missiles are used in air defense operations, they will become the national drones. "Number one killer."

On the 26th, the US "Aviation Week" website disclosed another new weapon in the future - a solar-powered aircraft that can fly for five consecutive years. According to reports, the U.S. Navy has developed a keen interest in the “Vulture” solar-powered long-driving UAV of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and intends to use it as an important means of providing communications to the carrier attack group when the space satellite fails. According to the report, the goal of the "Vulture" program is to develop a technology that allows drones to fly continuously for five years in the air. Currently, Boeing is designing a full-scale verification machine capable of flying in the air for 30 days. The aircraft is scheduled to fly in the first quarter of 2014. It is said that the “Vulture” will use the solar panels on the wings, tail stern and tail fins during the day to collect energy and then store it in a reusable fuel cell. By night, the fuel cell will provide power to the electric drive system, ensuring that drones will not lose power at night.

Craig Nickell, an engineer at NASA's Langley Research Center, said: "The US Navy is very interested in the 'Vulture Hawk'. When the satellite is unavailable, it can serve as a joint antenna network to provide communications assistance to the carrier attack group." Some countries are developing anti-satellite weapons. The US military, which relies heavily on satellites for collecting intelligence and transmitting information, is likely to lose its "eyes" and "ears" in space during the war. Although the US military has been working on the development of small satellites that can be quickly launched to serve as temporary backups, it cannot be compared with long-time drones that can take off at any time on aircraft carriers in terms of timeliness and convenience.

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