Pump two: NL series of sewage pump

First, the product overview: The pump system single-stage single suction vertical centrifugal pump, the main components of the volute, impeller, pump base, pump housing, support tube, motor base, motor and other components. Volute, pump seat, motor seat, impeller nut is cast iron, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance is better, the processing technology is convenient. Impeller is a single string of three curved leaves, the choice of semi-enclosed impeller, and the use of malleable iron, so high strength, corrosion resistance; processing convenience, good sex, high efficiency. In order to reduce weight and reduce the amount of turning, the shaft is made of high-quality carbon steel cold-drawn Park Steel. The pump seat is equipped with four skeleton oil seals and bushings to prevent shaft wear and prolong the service life of the shaft. The pump can be vertical or inclined to use, small footprint, volute buried in the working medium to work, easy to start, do not bow I water, the direction of rotation should be clockwise from the motor to see is the work. Switchboard length with a variety of specifications, so that the use of units according to their own use according to local conditions. Second, the main purposes: 1, NL-type multi-purpose pump is a single-stage single suction centrifugal pump, used in mining, paper, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, graphite, mica, gold, ceramics, oil refining, petroleum, chemical, farm, saltworks, Field, dye, brewery, food, fertilizer, coking, dressing, construction, marble factory, gold mine, mud, quicksand, mud pond, sewage pond, dirty liquid to send thick liquid, filling and suspended material sewage work, also Can be mine drainage and mud containing fluid. 2. If cooperating with high-pressure water pump and water gun to form hydraulic mechanized earthwork unit, it can be used as digging and transporting of small water conservancy projects such as land leveling, dredging of river channels and ponds, excavation, etc., as well as air defense projects in cities, engineering. 3, fish for water ponds, fish ponds oxygen and so on. Third, the model meaning:

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