Different Sizes FRP Brushes Tools for Hand Lay-up

Model NO.: 1′′
Origin: China
HS Code: 96034011
Different Sizes FRP Brushes Tools For Hand Lay-up are made from premium grade raw material and known for exhibiting high-end features. After procurement of this brush, we check this stringently to assure their quality and reliability. Besides, these products are available with us in varied widths, finishes and size. 
Following are some of the features of this brush:
1.Withstands to harsh condition
2.Comfortable grip

Our standard specification of brushes:

Package:Packing with carton and pallet.

We supply Various Kinds of FRP Tools For FRP Production.Roller and Brushes are widely used in FRP industry.We export large quantity of various kinds of rollers and brushes to many countries.It can be designed according to customers' requirment.
Wooden handle and plastic handle are both available.A hole in the bottom of handle is available and convenient for display.And it can be printed what you required.

We have various kinds of FRP tools:
-- Aluminium Paddle Roller
-- Aluminium Radial Roller
-- Aluminium Radial  Roller
-- Aluminium Bubble Buster Roller
-- Aluminium Corner  Roller
-- Fluffy Roller
-- Bristle Rollers
-- Wool Rollers
-- Plastic Rollers
-- Putty Knives
-- Plastic Scraper Pack
-- Catalyst Dispenser
-- Plastic Demolding Wedges
-- Bristle  Brushes
8mm × 25mm 19.05mm × 25mm
8mm × 50mm 19.05mm × 50mm
8mm × 75mm 19.05mm × 75mm
10mm × 25mm 19.05mm × 100mm
10mm × 50mm 19.05mm × 150mm
10mm × 75mm 19.05mm × 200mm
10mm × 100mm 25.4mm × 50mm
12.7mm × 25mm 25.4mm × 75mm
12.7mm × 50mm 25.4mm × 100mm
12.7mm × 75mm 25.4mm × 125mm
12.7mm × 100mm 25.4mm × 150mm
12.7mm × 150mm 25.4mm × 200mm
 Different Sizes FRP Brushes Tools for Hand Lay-up
Different Sizes FRP Brushes Tools for Hand Lay-upDifferent Sizes FRP Brushes Tools for Hand Lay-up
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Mainly Product Fiberglass chopped strand mat (powder and emulsion), stitch mat, combo mat, uni-direction and biaxial fabric, RTM core mat, woven roving, special products like Ar-glass roving, chopped strand, thin fiberglass fabric, SMC(sheet molding compound), fiberglass/polyester geogrid and geocomposite. fiberglass mica fabric for insulation.
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Research & Development Team 12 QC Team 8
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